Friday, July 31, 2015

Who DocRx Dispense is

DocRx Dispense is the market leader when it comes to point-of-care pharmaceutical dispensing. “In-office” pharmaceutical dispensing is a fast growing ancillary program for many medical, dental and veterinarian practices and a great way to increase revenues. Many providers are recognizing the ability to meet patient needs through physician dispensing as a compliment to their patient-physician relationships. The program itself is quite simple and dispensing can be done quickly. “In-office” dispensing can save you and your staff time on the phone with local pharmacies and fielding common questions about prescriptions and patient verification, in addition to many other benefits.

Our program has shown a tremendous growth in the healthcare industry; providers of all sizes and specialties including medical professionals, community clinics, managed care organizations, urgent care, hospital organizations and/or pharmacies have implemented their medical dispensing program with DocRx Dispense and our partners can now focus more on their patient's care. We are proud that it is our turnkey solution  our customer's enjoy most, including our level of customer service, inventory control, and automatic ordering technology program. 

With our programs in place, physicians have a solution in place that allows them to focus on patient care and at the same time increase profitability for the practice. DocRx Dispense is a private corporation and operated in Phoenix, Arizona. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best and come with a personal touch.